Warren Buffett Invests in Goldman Sachs Second Most Corrupt Bank Losing Hundreds of Millions

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Goldman Sachs is the second most corrupt bank worldwide after Deutsche Bank, and obviously a top investment for Warren Buffett losing hundreds of millions of dollars investing in corruption. Learn the truth about this stupid American investor named Oracle of Wall Street

  • Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway raised its stake in Goldman Sachs by 21% to 13.2 million shares during the second quarter.
  • Berkshire's initial position in the Wall Street bank stemmed from an investment during the financial crisis.
  • Berkshire also added to its Apple position.

Autonomous Trading Downgrades Goldman Sachs to Strong Sell

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The useless opinion of scammers and crooks is irrelevant to the markets. One should learn how to respect the markets selling Goldman Sachs at $270, acquiring the largest stake in the past two decades ahead of a stock market crash announced here by those who are credible, consistent and reliable.

Wall Street Biggest Goldman Sachs Bull Turns Bearish Predicting Stock Market Crash

Serious investors should disregard Berkshire Hathaway propaganda on the media since investing in corruption has never ended well. Alex

Goldman Sachs Best Bank to Sell Short After Deutsche Bank

It is not recommended to invest in Goldman Sachs despite the recent upgrade to Sell from Autonomous Trading as short sellers continued cashing in millions of dollars on the collapse.

Just before Christmas, Malaysian authorities filed criminal charges against Goldman, seeking a stunning $7.5 billion in reparations for the bank’s role in the scandal. Singapore authorities also announced they were expanding their own 1MDB probe to include Goldman.

Warren Buffett must be very proud of his investment in Goldman Sachs. Obviously, no one is talking about it on the press as everyone is getting paid to disregard how stupid this idiot is investing in the markets.

Now, sell and go short BlueBird since Goldman Sachs is deceiving investors.

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