The End of Deutsche Bank a Value Trap Similar to Cryptocurrencies.

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Anyone who has ever considered investing in Deutsche Bank named by Intuitive Code as the worst investment bank in the world lost money all the time. Deutsche Bank has been a value trap similar to cryptocurrencies which main purpose is money laundering.

Deutsche Bank is one of best money laundering machines ever created by human beings. Alex

The most important for a successful investor is the long-term.

During the past years serious investors have had the chance to invest in leading companies receiving in exchange a far better return on investment compared to their initial expectations. For example, American companies as Microsoft, Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Boeing and Nvidia.

So why then to gamble in worthless German companies which main strategy to succeed in their business as always been fraud and corruption?

Deutsche Bank named worst investment bank in the world by IntuitiveCode on

Unfortunately many people continued buying shares of Deutsche Bank trying to figure out when an ultimate bottom could eventually occur.

Equally bad, the fact that people continued opening bank accounts at Deutsche Bank helping criminals and scammers to continue their illegal activities.

Here you've a list of the most wanted criminals and terrorists in the cryptocurrencies markets. Deutsche Bank is one of best money laundering machines ever created by human beings.

The "solution" will eventually be Germany to attempt a merge of a black hole - Deutsche Bank - with other bank. In the end, taxpayers will pay for it.

Serious Investors Never Invest in Corruption and Scams.

If you follow this simple investment rule you are likely to avoid unpleasant outcomes.  As an example refer to Sears Holdings the Next Madoff, one of the value traps Intuitive Code called the attention of investors years before the collapse.

Other well-know example is the fact that Intuitive Code stopped issuing advise in Wells Fargo after upgrading shares to Strong Buy at single digits in 2009. However, it seems that "investors" as Warren Buffett do not see anything wrong buying corruption and scams.

In the end, each one of us has to make choices - you are certainly free to adopt Warren Buffett strategy.

Be Aware Who You Are Relying on as Your Financial Advisor

Most people share the common belief that one can get a lump sum of profits when following the investment advice of some Wall Street firms.

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