Artificially Intelligent Algorithms since 1989

Autonomous Vision AI Fund and Intuitive Code team sold their positions in the U.S stock market downgrading to junk ahead of a severe correction.  Furthermore, Autonomous Vision AI Fund has acquired the largest short positions since March 2009 bottom.

SEC News! Tesla Stock to Crash! Rampant Fraud!

DOT.COM Bubble is Back. ETF INVESCO QQQ Junk Rating

We have started investing in the tech sector in the U.S stock market when PowerShares QQQ were priced at $35 back in 2009. Today, we are before outrageous stock valuations and the best opportunity for short sellers in a generation, the forecasted profits ahead using Perelman's AI trading algorithm analysis are truly UNBELIEVABLE!

AI Trade Selling ETF QQQ $186.4 Forecasting Stock Market Crash 2018 Live!

Autonomous Vision AI Fund Closes Positions in the U.S Stock Market Turning Bearish

To learn more about what's coming for investors in the financial markets listen to Alex.

The Next Financial Crisis is Here Micron Bulls Wiped Out by Automated Trading

Learn more about the truth behind the biggest wipeout in stock market history.

Autonomous Trading Sells INVESCO QQQ Stake $186.4 by IntuitiveCode on

Autonomous Vision AI Fund sold its position in Amazon (AMZN) at its price target announced on the Blog $2046 downgrading to Strong Sell

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