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We're selling shares of bluebird bio downgrading to sell in real-time at $217 while Goldman Sachs is upgrading to $309. bluebird bio is likely to report an astonishing earnings miss next quarter. Short sellers are looking at a multi-million profit going into 2018.

Intuitive Code AI initiated coverage of bluebird bio as Strong Buy at $39 - a real-time announcement on the Blog, urging investors to quadruple their long position at $85.
Alex Vieira AI Fund raised bluebird bio price target and estimates ahead of everyone else publishing it on the Blog.

Selling bluebird bio ahead of the collapse

bluebird bio is the biotech stock to sell today on analysts upgrades! According to AI research and analysis the biotech company is going to report a remarkable loss the next earnings report.

Best Biotechnology Advisor Downgrades bluebird bio $217 to Sell by IntuitiveCode on


I am selling short bluebird bio NO RISK!

Goldman Sachs raising price target on bluebird bio is the kiss of death.

I am the most credible and reliable source of information worlwide on how to invest in the biotech sector - an undeniable mathematical fact. Goldman Sachs has no credibility, or track record in the biotech sector.


Do not listen to Warren Buffett and Wall Street

If you wish to continue outperforming Wall Street it is strongly recommended that you listen to credible sources of information ahead of the most important stock market moves.

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