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Goldman Sachs a former long-term core investment position has been downgraded to Strong Sell. Investors should consider selling short Goldman Sachs neglecting the useless opinion of Wall Street crooks.

Selling Goldman Sachs on American Euphoria

Retail investors are back to the stock market buying overvalued and hyped bank stocks on Wall Street upgrades to Strong Buy

Goldman Sachs reached our price target for 2018 equivalent to $270. Goldman Sachs does not have any value whatsoever above its price target.

Professional investors should neglect the current euphoria in the U.S stock market buying stocks when the American retail investor is selling at the bottom.

We are short Goldman Sachs

Yes, I am short Goldman Sachs and other bank stocks. We are looking at terrific gains ahead.

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Autonomous Trading Goldman Sachs Downgraded to Strong Sell $270 by IntuitiveCode on TradingView.com

It seems that Goldman Sachs team has been caught bullish Euro ahead of the crash investing in Italian junk

LongFin SCAM to Crash Downgraded to Junk



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