Sell GoDaddy David Tepper Portfolio to Underperform

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Serious investors in the financial markets should proceed carefully before buying overvalued stocks as GoDaddy believing in hedge funds marketing posted on suspicious websites. GoDaddy is a bubble stock, therefore its share price is going down.

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GoDaddy Named a Bubble Stock $85

Intuitive Code referred to G0Daddy (GDDY) as one of the best IPO's to invest in since $23 naming it a zero risk long-term investment, however as American hedge funds turned bullish the name raising GoDaddy its price target to $130, the company sold its stake at $83 downgrading GoDaddy to Strong Sell at $85.

Alex Vieira Live Selling GoDaddy $83 Going Short $85

GoDaddy is no longer an investment since American hedge funds started posting continuous  fake news on the internet with regards to its financials and major stock holders. Alex

GoDaddy shares to crash on AI Vision fund comments

GoDaddy (GDDY) share price crashed down to $58 losing several billions of dollars in market cap. since Intuitive Code warned investors about its absurd valuation.

It’s rather sad that people have to use sites like Yahoo to lure newcomers into the stock market just to let the hedge fund reduce its losses. I strongly recommend that you read this cheap propaganda to learn how they lure people into their game.

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