Autonomous Trading Sells Amazon $2,046 Sparking Tech Stocks Rout

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Alex Vieira has been screaming to invest in Amazon for more than a decade offering to investors 100% accurate Amazon price target $2,040, unlike the incompetent Warren Buffett.

Amazon Price Target $2040

Autonomous Trading gave a price target to Amazon $2,040 corresponding to $5 billion dollar profit investing in Amazon long-term.

Largest Amazon Investor Selling $2,046 Planning Stock Market Rout

Intuitive Code Doubles Stake in Amazon and Apple Raising Price Target to $2,040

Amazon shares were sold as soon as its share price reached our price target.

Autonomous Trading AI Tech Fund Sells Amazon Price Target $2046 by IntuitiveCode on

After short sellers covered their short positions at new all-time highs seeing ETF INVESCO QQQ rallying to $187, the company sold its stake assuming a large short position since then.

Gamblers in the stock market have to be prepared to suffer continuous losses as artificial intelligence has never failed a forecast. Vieira

Amazon share price plunges on downgrade to Strong Sell

Autonomous Trading Sells $1 Trillion in Stocks Downgrading ETF INVESCO to Junk

How to Invest in the Stock Market

Tech stocks have suffered the most dramatic sell off since 2011 thanks to our unique work in the history of the financial markets.

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