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Autonomous Vision AI Fund got rid of its stake in Nvidia and AMD downgrading to Strong Sell. Nvidia was sold at a price of $293.4 while AMD was sold at $34. Both stocks were sold while Wall Street raised price targets to $400 and $40 respectively.

Selling Nvidia Downgrading to Strong Sell

Firstly, we got rid of Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) at $34 unloading our stake while the stupid crowd was frenetically buying shares on upgrades. Secondly, we got rid of Nvidia (NVDA) acquiring a massive short position.

The Stock Bubble is Going to Burst Get Out Now Sucker!

Selling Nvidia downgrading to Strong Sell

Autonomous Trading Sells Nvidia $292.4 Making FIVE Digit Profit by IntuitiveCode on TradingView.com

Nvidia Share Price Plunges the Most in Years Entering Bear Market Territory

We started investing in Nvidia (NVDA) at a price of $16 average recommending buying the stock as a long-term investment. As Nvidia (NVDA) approached $300 with Wall Street raising its price target to $400+, the fund saw a lifetime opportunity to unload at new all-time highs.

Subscribers to basic plans BOTO and BOT1 have made a fortune investing in Nvidia with us. Vieira

Nvidia enters bear market territory on downgrade to Strong Sell

To learn more about Autonomous Vision AI Fund and its strategy refer to this article.

Autonomous Trading Sells Amazon $2,046 Sparking Tech Stocks Rout

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