Artificially Intelligent Algorithms since 1989

We planned the recent market turmoil by selling stocks at the very top using suspicious stock upgrades issued at bubble valuations ahead of a tremendous market correction. The profits are truly unbelievable and shocking using Field's Medal Perelman AI Trading Algorithm.

Selling ROKU Bubble!

Autonomous Trading included ROKU in Alex's ingenious plan to get the new AI Trading platform for free, and it worked!

ROKU, a former Strong Buy, and core investment position, rallied to $77 as we accurately forecasted patiently waiting for Wall Street upgrades at the top to unload en masse reversing to the short side.

Billionaire Sells Stocks Going Short Forecasting Stock Market Crash

Investors DECEIVED by Most Stupid People in the Civilized World

ROKU share price plunged to $56 within days on Field's Medal Perelman Algorithm AI trade signal.

You can find these real-time AI forecasts at Autonomous Trading with investors making millions of dollars.

Current stock valuations remind us of Sears Holdings, the most corrupt company in the world. The valuation fraud in the U.S stock market is unsustainable. Con artists have been doing whatever it takes to deceive common people.

Fortunately, for savvy investors it takes years for stocks to go down to zero, but ultimately they stop there.

Alex Ingenious Plan Offers New AI Trading Bot for Free!

Alex Ingenious Idea to Get NEW AI Trading Bot for Free Worked!

Autonomous Trading Sells Amazon $2,046 Sparking Tech Stocks Rout

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