Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to Outperform in the Stock Market

Learn why I built monstrous short positions in the U.S stock market in the past months and weeks. Yes, I kept selling fast American capitalism. The return on investment is instantaneous.  Some of my short positions are down over 95%.

I don't follow ZERO followers on TikTok. This is because I got used to using my brain. Let me give you a couple of examples. Recently, I added to my short positions in Plug Power (PLUG) when shares were trading at $42, PayPal (PYPL) at $208, and another called  QuantumScape (QS) the famous fraudulent American company which sells worthless junk.

Can Jim Cramer Bullish Calls on XL Fleet and ROKU Make the List of Top International Investment SCAMs? Reminiscences of Pandora Papers.
We are asking the opinion of professional investors and those who lost their life savings believing in investment scams whether they continue relying on the investment advice of CNBC gurus. Reminiscences of Pandora papers.
Keep Selling Short! America Chaos Ahead

Yes, I added to my short positions in over 50 companies. My friends and I got dirty rich betting on America's collapse. I have been tracking down fraudsters as Citron Research and Jim Cramer.

You find details about over one thousand free calls on this blog. I particularly like this one.

Russian Billionaire Triggers XL Fleet Collapse. Legend Shits His Pants Laughing on YouTube Live!
AI Vision increased short positions on XL Fleet triggering a spiral of margin calls on the American retail investor crowd. The legend Alex Vieira slashed XL Fleet price target.
Russian Discloses Best American Stocks to Sell Short

Almost every day I find new opportunities to sell short fraudulent American companies without earnings and actual value.

Stock SCAM! Crooks Defraud XL Fleet Investors with Jim Cramer and Andrew Left Help.
Alex Vieira warned XL Fleet investors for the exuberant and explicit fraud on the internet and YouTube exposing the truth about Jim Cramer and Citron Research Andrew Left.

What about you? Are you still plugged on TikTok laughing at Americans' brutal stupidity? I find fantastic value in Alex Vieira's recent article.

America Capitalism and Reddit Stock Fraud Destroying World’s Wealth Says PayPal Investor
To understand the brutality of American capitalism, you have to start on the plantation. New York Times suggested an article to read. My subscription to the New York Times is worth billions, so it is my understanding about PayPal’s business

The quote I get today for XL Fleet is $2 confirming what I said on this blog more than a year ago - never seen an American crook making a $1 profit investing in XL Fleet - happy investments!

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