Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to Outperform in the Stock Market

AI Vision increased short positions on XL Fleet triggering a spiral of margin calls on the American retail investor crowd. The legend Alex Vieira slashed XL Fleet price target.

We Cannot Stop Laughing! We Love YouTube! Your Money is Gone into Our Pockets. Stay Safe. Nikolay

Learn more about the XL Fleet IPO scam doomed to crash since $34

Monster Trader and Market Genius Crashes XL Fleet IPO
Wondering why XL Fleet share price crashed despite receiving upgrades to $100. Find here the naked truth why you are losing so much money while others are dirty rich following the IPO legend Alex Vieira. Free course on how to invest included!
Alex Vieira Live on XL Fleet IPO

XL Fleet (XL) share price crashed over 20% overnight seeing the American retail crowd swimming in losses.

Citron Research SCAM  Report

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