UAE Billionaires Selling Twitter at New All-Time Highs

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Twitter is going down! Selling Twitter live here with 800% profit after calling a bottom on shares at $14.6. Learn how artificial intelligence is being used in the UAE.

Selling Facebook Ahead of the Crash

I believe we were very explicit by writing an article urging investors to sell Facebook shares on earnings at multi-year highs $195.

By using artificial intelligence you stop losing money in the markets. Furthermore, you beat every single market participant betting against them. There's a time to buy when Americans are the most bearish, and a time to sell onto them precisely when they turn bullish.


Selling Twitter while Wall Street is bullish

Given the tremendous position sizing of our investment positions it is necessary to sell them on strength while Americans are buying the most following the advise of suspicious investment firms without any credibility or track record.
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Full Autonomous Trading

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