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I am selling my long-term investment position in Nvidia at a price of $251. I upgraded Nvidia to Strong Buy at $12.5, reiterating this rating more than twenty times throughout the years. Now, that Nvidia reported a blowout quarter I am selling as Wall Street turns bullish raising Nvidia price target to $300. I did the same on Facebook. If you wish to make real money follow this guide.


Why am I selling Nvidia?

We are rotating capital into terrific selling short opportunities in the U.S stock market. Let's take the example of Tesla (TSLA) a bubble stock. Since the U.S stock market is going to plunge soon or later the best investment strategy is to start selling short bubble stocks

Start selling short Tesla, ROKU, and Snapcrap today! You will end up making millions of dollars NO RISK! A certainty.

My customers are refusing to buy stocks! They are not stupid! Something nasty is going to happen.


Welcome to stock market bubble!

The valuations are extreme! There's no value in buying stocks here folks! The only alternative is to sell them at lofty valuations to Americans at new multi-year highs!
Middle East Richest Investor Partners with Wall Street to Crash Roku


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