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February, 1st of 2018, 11:04 AM, I have just informed my clients that I sold my long-term investment position in Facebook as its share price reached $195 after the company posted a solid quarter.

Below is the artificial intelligent trade signal posted to Facebook investors worlwide available for consultation in one of the collaborative tools used by Intuitive Code AI.
For those unfamiliar with my work, I am the investor who named Facebook, the best social company to invest in long-term at a price of $20.

Throughout the years, I reiterated Strong Buy on Facebook (FB) shares more than eleven times.

We chose Facebook as a long-term investment because Facebook was going to be a clear monopoly offering fierce competition to Google.

Furthermore, when Facebook stock was trading in the twenty dollars range, I referred to it as a lifetime buyout opportunity for a global leading company as Apple.

Fortunately, I was wrong about the buyout remaining invested in Facebook until today. Quite frankly, I trusted my instint that Apple management would not be able to perceive Facebook value as I did - Tim Cook is not Steve Jobs.

I became a billionaire by investing in companies as Facebook, Google, Amazon, Salesforce, and others I knew they would disrupt the tech industry. By knowing it, I shared my vision with my own subscribers. Also, the AI algorithm which I have been using it for years, never gave me a reason to question it.

The choice for Facebook in the social media sector is related to the concept of value investing - to learn more about it enroll in one of my courses on Live Technical Analysis, or any of the existing AI BOT plans.

So, why did I sell today a long-term investment in Facebook? Is something wrong with Facebook?

The answer is Yes, but it is a personal one related to ethical matters which might not be important to you. Having said this, investors have to comprehend that my reasons are personal, which for obvious reasons I am not going to disclose them here.

I would say that it is more than sufficient my real-time announcement selling entirely an investing position in Facebook for those acquainted with my perfect record in the financial markets in the past three decades.

For those investors unfamiliar with my work, you might be interested in

  1. Buy more Facebook shares as Wall Street is raising price target, or
  2. Sell your Facebook position as I did, or
  3. Do nothing and watch Facebook share price in the coming months.

There is always a viable option for an investor. Which is yours?

Update: the investing community is now informed about Facebook!

Refer to this article available at stockmarketLIVE.TV Blog

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