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It's the perfect time to invest in Lululemon double digit growth. We are raising Lululemon price target since most Americans are bearish going bankrupt. Who does not want to invest in double digit growth?

Double Digit Growth Folks!

Who does not want to invest in double digit growth? I want. You want. Americans don't want to. Cover your shorts positions and move on folks!

Lululemon reminds us the Valero story downgraded 50 times in a row by American investment firms. We are magnates offering multi-million profits to serious investors!


Lululemon Poised for Double-Digit Growth Strong Buy $LULU by IntuitiveCode on



Always Listen to Those Telling the Truth!

I don't have to remember anything because I tell the truth unlike crooks in, one of the greatest scams of all times!

Lululemon share price soared to almost $99 for the year.

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