Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to Outperform in the Stock Market

Learn with the visionary that has not missed a call on Roku yet since IPO. He urged investors to sell shares above $484 in 2021. We are discussing coming earnings, how AI works, and AI robotic trading.

Good morning to everyone. Today, I have an exciting talk for you. We are discussing Roku's share price crash, coming earnings, and AI robot trading.

Pretty exciting.

So, first things first, I am going to invite you to learn about Alex Vieira's suggestion for Roku selling shares above $484 in 2021. You can search it on social media or the autonomous trading blog. As a side note, it has been available for months giving everyone plenty of time to make up their mind.

It is worth noting that its share price is $306 as of today.  Hence, I have to congratulate savvy investors following Alex's since IPO.

Would you please make sure you never miss his ideas? One minute can change your life.

I am a newbie to AI, so I decided to ask him a few questions.

Alex, would you be so kind as to explain whether it is possible to use instructions to trade a specific stock to profit from different stocks?

Sure. There are multiple branches within a master algorithm. For example, a unit can be responsible for trading Roku and other stocks creating a similar pattern. We call it pattern analysis. We can do this for assets in different market sectors.

Therefore, those profiting from Roku can also benefit by trading other stocks where the same AI unit is operating. We call it parallel processing, resulting in exponential profits with the advantage of a low probability of deviation.

That sounds amazing! What do I have to do?

There are videos where I address this topic, mentioning the stocks where the same unit is working. Such valuable information is a tremendous competitive advantage. Moreover, the user does not pay anything extra for it.

So, this might be why you publish so many case studies. A lot of stuff is automated; the output is likely known. Am I right?

That's precisely the idea. But that is much more. For instance, most people believe that because Tesla is rallying, Nio has to move accordingly. Such an assumption is false; therefore, they waste time and money.

To enter into further details, we can use a minor variant of the algorithm that has been successfully investing in Tesla to take a non-tech stock to rally 5000%. It is perfectly possible, even in cases of high indebted companies.

Wow! Just wow!

However, there is more! For example, we can apply AI algorithm analysis to identify competitor algorithms doing the work for us. Such a use case is handy for learning whether we can lose money or use someone else's buying power to go with the flow. By doing so, we are using someone's else strength to our benefit, like in martial arts.

Oh my Gosh. So, the crowd runs to the slaughterhouse without knowing it.

Precisely, we have sheep lined up without them knowing about what's coming. Then, with a fast and furious move, we let the sheep frozen.

So, picking up Roku example, the sheep let its share price go down $200 without doing anything. They did not notice AI soothing their skin, boiling them to a slow death. Perfect, isn't it?

Alex, you are so mean but brilliant.

I wanted to bring in the subject of AI robotic trading since you have robots, but you never talk about it. However, I might leave this to another time.

Yes, I have robots. A robot is much better than an employee, 24x7, no errors, no complaints, no salary.  However, an AI trading robot is a dream. I also have hybrid robots, which I believe to be the most affordable and flexible to investors. We will discuss this later.

Thank you so much for your time.

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