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In this article, we discuss the winners and losers of the hypersonic missiles and artificial intelligence race. In addition, we discuss geopolitical consequences.

Good morning everyone. Today, we discuss the latest news on hypersonic technology and geopolitics with my guest, Alex Vieira.

Before we get started, let me make an introduction.

China's test of a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile has given new fuel to critics of President Joe Biden's ambitious plan to scale back America's nuclear arsenal, with intelligence and defense officials warning that the Chinese launch marked a significant technological leap that could threaten the U.S. in new ways.

What do you think about this, Alex?

There is a common belief, the U.S is leading the race, but that's untrue.  The recent events confirm my point of view.  China is also leading the artificial intelligence race.

But official sources nevertheless claim that it does not necessarily give China an upper hand over the U.S.

They are clueless.  It reminds me of the SEC investigating Tesla. They are living in oval offices driving drones, designing the next conspiracy theory.

Let me ask you a simple question. Has the U.S shown anything yet?

Hmmm. Not that I know. It's all very secret. Do we have a chance?

There is no defense against hypersonic missiles. It's like an AI algorithm trading against the crowd. They are zombies before pulling the trigger.

You are trying to scare me, aren't you?

I am reporting to the facts. Russia and China seem closer than ever, at a time the U.S betrayed its allies France and Germany.

Honestly, they were never allies. Instead, the Europeans continued believing in an illusion. Now, it's too late for Europe to catch up.

So, who, in your opinion, definitely lost the race?

Europe. The U.S will have to turn its efforts to the Pacific region from now on. Europe has to find its way, but it does not go anywhere; it is a swamp.

The U.S still has the U.K to fight back against Russia and China. Isn't that right?

I do not think the solution passes through London. The English have four stars equipment and three-star management.

Have we started a new race?

The race has never stopped. On the contrary, the speed increased dramatically. We entered the hypersonic mode.

It's like comparing a Renault to a Tesla.

In my garage, you only find Tesla. So I got rid of the rest.

You are smart. Accounting calls it efficient management of liabilities.

Thank you so much for validating my actions. My wife wanted so much to keep her BMW. Any final suggestions for us?

I recommend reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude.

I certainly will. Thank you. See you in the next talk.

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