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Learn about the most effective investment strategies for the modern age with the visionary who makes the calls in the stock market, demonstrating 100% accuracy. Alex Vieira explains his reasoning leaving suggestions for you to get started outperforming.

Good morning to everyone. Today, we are discussing Twitter's recent earnings report.

Let me introduce my guest to you. He upgraded Twitter to Strong Buy in 2020 at $23 during the pandemic when he saw articles in the New York Times like The Police Are Rioting. We Need to Talk About It.

Back then, the press reported the event as an attack on civil society and democratic accountability. In 2021, my guest sold Twitter above $80.

He never missed a call on Twitter since IPO. So, let's try to comprehend the reasoning.

Alex, do you like violence?

I dislike violence. I condemn violence.  History has shown that when Americans turn violent, it is the best time to show them violence is not the answer to internal problems. They have to believe in their great country, so I urged them to buy Twitter and to invest in the United States since things will get better.

But they are still complaining about wages and poor working conditions.

Yes, because they refused to listen. Had the crowd listened to my free advice, many would have joined the 1% dirty rich. But, ask the 1% who listened to me.  The savvy ones don't know where to put so much money.

You did not need to be rich to start investing.  I started almost 40 years ago with a little.  Back then, I got used to losing money because I was thinking like everyone else.

So, I heard a voice on my mind.  Alex, if you continue doing the same, you will have to work for others. But, do you want that?

So, you do not work for anyone.

No, I retired in 1995. So I found that the best solution would be to have everyone working for me by investing in the stock market.

But how did you find where to invest?

In the beginning, it wasn't straightforward. First, I had to develop a solution that I fully described in my course, the foundation. Then, it took me many years to validate my reasoning.

Why did you turn bearish Twitter when professional money managers continued bullish?

None of these professional money managers told you to invest in Twitter or any other stock when it was worth it to do it. You cannot find them when you need them. Wall Street is the casino. They have no interest in helping the citizen.

Their primary goal is to make the most profits by telling the crowd what to do while doing the opposite.

So faithful, Alex, that's one of the reasons I stopped watching T.V. I found peace the day I abandoned social media.

Social media does not add value to the ordinary citizen, other than to corporations and governments. You can do much better by investing the time you waste on social media reading good books.

I do not see people reading anymore. The American no values society is everywhere. Hollywood was a brilliant idea to spread misinformation. Then, later on, came Facebook. Look at the example of Governor Cuomo or the financial crisis of 2009. They all learned crime compensates.

Thank you so much for your kind words. We need to find time to talk about hypersonic missiles.

I have been here since 1989. Ring me anytime. Have a great weekend.

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