Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to Outperform in the Stock Market

It is time for you to stand up as Elon Musk does before Bernie Sanders on Twitter. Your next tweet to Cathie Wood, Morgan Stanley, or the Senate complaining about your horrific losses for being dumb enough to trust Wall Street analysts.

Why do you think we wrote an article saying that Elon Musk IQ is higher than Steve Jobs and Warren Buffett combined? Don't get me wrong, the former is a genius, the latter a monkey.

‘I keep forgetting you’re still alive:’ Elon Musk trolls Bernie Sanders on Twitter
Elon Musk is trolling again on Twitter, and this time his target is Sen. Bernie Sanders.
Elon Musk Stands Up on Twitter. You are next

Are you not tired of people telling you what to do? I got tired decades ago. I do the opposite of what everyone tells me to do. Unsurprisingly, it has been working since then.

Let's take a look at some examples.

Morgan Staley told me to sell short Tesla. I bought the most in my life calling them scammers.

Tesla Investor Calls Morgan Stanley a Fraud Laughing Hard
Morgan Stanley missed Tesla’s best rally since IPO because they have been involved in fraudulent analysis . Alex Vieira has a Strong Buy rating on Tesla urging investors buying a massive amount of shares.
Invest in Tesla and start tweeting

In 2020, Morgan Stanley downgraded Shopify, there I was buying like crazy.

Grabbing Bull By the Balls Worth $100 Million for Shopify Investors
The legendary investor is back with 100% free accurate live market calls on Shopify recommending to grab the bull by the balls. Learn more how you can get dirty rich following the legend.
Invest in Shopify and start tweeting

In 2020, Morgan Stanley told me to sell Avis, and there we were buying even more.

Alex Vieira Says Morgan Stanley Deadly Wrong! Buy AVIS Seeing Potential Buyout!
Autonomous A.I Trading invests in companies no one is interested in before they are acquired or turn into the next Wall Street darlings. Alex Vieira loves AVIS being one of his top picks in the U.S stock market.

In 2021, Morgan Stanley kept repeating the same about Avis, and there I was buying even more.

Stupidity is knowing the truth, seeing the truth but still believing the lies. And that is more infectious than any other disease. —Professor Richard Feynman
Hedge Funds Brightest Investment Ideas to Achieve Stellar Profits. Sell Roku. Buy Avis.
Every investor has a common objective, to make the highest profit in the stock market. To achieve a stellar return on investment, one has to avoid the hype of investing in stocks everyone is focused on to buy those no one wants to. The difference between losing money versus making 40,000%
Buy more AVIS Today!

Unsurprisingly, I found out the same investment strategy works with Cathie Wood.

The more you bet against them the more you make.
AI ETFs Outperform ARK Invest Betting Against Cathie Wood. Hedge Funds Make Billions on Snowflake Rally and C3.AI Crash
Several multi-millionaires and billionaires followed the legend Alex Vieira’s suggestion by opening a dedicated ETF to bet against Cathie Wood’s ARK Invest ETF, and by doing so, making billions of dollars. Learn about the best stocks to buy and to sell short
become a millionaire betting against Cathie Wood

Honestly, I believe this investment strategy works with any American, even billionaires. I did it successfully thousands of times regardless of market conditions. They say sell, I buy, and vice-versa.  What do you think? Have you ever tried?

I’ve Been Scammed by Jeffrey Gundlach! Disregard Wall Street Parasites and Buy Blackstone Group Stock.
Honestly, how the hell can a parasite be given voice on a TV national network other than to fulfill his own self interests in deceiving the stupid sheep believing in a miracle. In my 30 years career in the markets I have never seen a crook performing a miracle
Betting against Wall Street parasites

Happy investing, and Happy New Year.  Let me learn about your secrets. Hire my Tesla's taxi, today

Cathie Wood and Elon Musk Help NYC Taxi Driver to Become a Millionaire Investing in Zillow.
As a taxi driver, I have had the honor of learning with the best investors in the world: billionaires and respected citizens like Cathie Wood, Warren Buffett, and Jeffrey Gundlach. In this article, I tell you about my real story, and how they helped me to succeed, and to fulfil my dreams.
Alex Vieira, your taxi driver

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