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Morgan Stanley missed Tesla's best rally since IPO because they have been involved in fraudulent analysis . Alex Vieira prepared Tesla investors ahead of the downgrade using it to make millions of dollars laughing at crooks.

Tesla Legend on Live Trading

Alex Vieira issued a profit taking trade signal on Tesla at $546 helping investors to lock $44 million profit ahead of Morgan Stanley downgrade

Alex's Live Tesla Trade Signal

Tesla investors jumped in at $492 at the open bell buying 300,000 shares

Tesla share price soared to $513 during market hours

Alex Vieira Warns About Morgan Stanley Fraud

Alex Vieira warned serious investors Morgan Stanley is a fraud upgrading shares to Strong Buy at $179.4.

AI Vision Fund Exposes Morgan Stanley Tesla Outlook as FRAUD
Tesla investors should disregard the useless and biased opinion of Wall Street. Follow the free investment advise of a market legend who has never missed a Tesla forecast. In the past months Intuitive AI Code and subscribers made more than $1 billion
Morgan Stanley is a Fraud
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