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Honestly, how the hell can a parasite be given voice on a TV national network other than to fulfill his own self  interests in deceiving the stupid sheep believing in a miracle. In my 30 years career  in the markets I have never seen a crook performing a miracle, because they fail to comprehend the markets making profits gambling with other's people money.

Information is power when it’s acted upon. Our criteria for true valuable decisions is that action flows from it executing flawlessly. Alex Vieira
Hilarious! Jeffrey Gundlach Announces BEAR Market at the BOTTOM!

In 2017, I wrote this article myself referring to Blackstone Group as a hidden undervalued gem.

In December 2018, one year later history repeated itself. While you had Jeffrey Gundlach on TV announcing the end of the bull market stocks were reaching the bottom! Blackstone Group was one of them.  In our Blog, you find the example of one hundred more.

Bank of China Best Investment Advisor Buys 3 Million Alibaba Shares After Calling Crash from $209

So, who is Jeffrey Gundlach? The truth? Who cares? As far as I am concerned there is no difference between this Jeffrey Gundlach, Jim Cramer or a monkey flipping a coin on which stock to buy next.

It’s in my moments of true decision that my destiny is shaped while empowering thousands to achieve their true dreams. Alex Vieira

In 2019, Blackstone Group share price rallied back from $27 to $39. Where the hell have you been? Wasting your time and money listening to parasites on CNBC letting them take control of your destiny? Stop being a slave and start using YOUR brain!

Intuitive Code Shows Autonomous AI Trading Bot Worth $1 Trillion on Netflix Earnings

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