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Learn about Netflix soaring to new all-time highs and Tesla bull of the day. The best trading ideas and expert insights come from well-thought-free Twitter polls available from professional investors beating Cathie Wood's best ideas

There are multiple choices if you ever run out of investing ideas; after all, it happens to everyone as we get old.

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Tesla's share price has soared since the open bell. Warren Buffett has never invested since IPO in a company whose share price gained over 100,000%. However, still, Americans call him a great investor even though he is responsible for atrocities.

Tesla share price intraday

What about Netflix? Shall you invest in Netflix or Roku? Where can I find the best polls for investors?

I am glad you asked, obviously, on the autonomous Blog.

Should You Buy ROKU or Netflix? Investors Ask Autonomous AI
Wall Street is a complicated place where trading decisions are based on human intuition and then enhanced by analytics. We get much better results by relying on highly accurate AI stock analysis. Take the example of ROKU vs. Netflix, which is the object of this article.
Netflix vs. Roku 

Netflix soared to new all-time highs, but Roku crashed with thousands of investors making more money in weeks than you will ever make in your life.

I’m Getting Rich Using An App Better than Netflix for the Same Price
Intuitive Code has just received another review for a better Netflix for investors, which is well worth reading. We invite you to look at the hard facts. Feel free to compare to Americans being jailed for defrauding honest people.
The App Secret Weapon
Netflix share price


Please be informed that Cathie Wood's Twitter polls and tips are malfunctioning, i.e., everyone loses money.

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We focus on bringing the value of artificial intelligence coupled with our team experience and intuition to help you learn and benefit from the markets regardless of the asset you choose to include in your portfolio. We accomplish this by using no-code easy to use solutions.

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