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We see Facebook duo Sandberg and Zuckerberg as the most innovative criminal duo in history.  There are new developments with regards to Facebook criminal charges.

One month ago an article was published on the Blog referring to Facebook Sandberg Should be Jailed and Zuckerberg to Resign, however having access to new data made available a few days later we have no doubts seeing  Zuckerberg as the most innovative criminal in history being Sandberg his co-pilot.

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Facebook Short Position Increased

Autonomous Trading urged investors to increase their Facebook short position at $154 maintaining a junk rating on shares since $217.

The only people investing in Facebook losing money are American scammers who should be prosecuted by the U.S government for helping criminals and terrorists to traffic people lives. Alex

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Facebook is far large threat to humankind than Iran therefore the government should consider shutting it down.

Zuckerberg named best innovative criminal in history

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