Alex Vieira Sells Facebook $217 Warning about Earnings Crash

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I am selling my stake in Facebook today at $217 since I have just been informed Facebook share price is about to crash. Since we have not missed a forecast yet since IPO, it is upon to the investor to make a decision.

Perelman AI Trade Signal Facebook Strong Sell $217

The value of using artificial intelligence to invest in Facebook, or any other asset, is that you do not have to do anything other than to follow the real-time guidance of an autonomous trading algorithm which is responsible for the decisions.

AI Trading BOT Facebook Sell Signal $217

Facebook is a Bubble compared to other stocks!

The truth is that Facebook at current prices is a bubble stock priced for perfection compared to other stocks, therefore it is preferable to invest in my own portfolio since you can make millions of dollars risk-free - mathematically proven based on my public record for the past 30 years.

FAANG an American acronym for BUBBLE is dead. Alex  

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