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You're going to see a tremendous crash in the stock market while scammers on SeekingAlpha deceive investors, therefore the only viable alternative is to sell everything going short ahead of the collapse. We recommend a massive short position in Micron.

Bear Market & Crash

Micron and ROKU investors are among the most stupid people in the world. They have issues understanding the English language and the difference between a bubble and value investing.

Alex Vieira Sells Stake on Micron Warning About Bear Market and Crash

The bull market for semiconductor Micron which I had the pleasure of announcing on the Blog starting at single digits is over. After selling Micron at $64, we turned bearish warning about the coming bear market. Alex

Micron share price collapses on downgrade to Junk

Micron and ROKU investors have been deceived by the most famous crook in Wall Street - the Oracle a fraudster.

Be aware the Fraudster named Oracle of Wall Street!

Learn how savvy investors are beating the Oracle of Wall Street.

They said that cryptocurrencies would never crash, it was impossible because it is the next big thing! We proved them all wrong making the calls from the top.

They said that one cannot predict a top in Amazon with 100% accuracy, it is impossible! It's impossible because fraudsters do not comprehend how actually it is done in real-time from those invested in Amazon from $77.

They also say that sometimes one can get lucky, but it is mathematically impossible to do it one thousand times, however, an ignorant fails to comprehend who has the power and money to do it whenever it is necessary.

The stock market is on pace for its worst December since the Great Depression as we announced but still, idiots had doubts on how to make hundreds of millions in the markets. Alex

They also said that a bear market is not possible, much less a crash, it's just a simple correction, but we proved them all wrong helping everyone else to achieve the highest return on investment in the markets ever instead of losing money following the investment advice of crooks.

They also said that it is impossible to predict a market top and a bottom. It's certainly impossible for those who were downgrading stocks in 2009 at the bottom just to raise targets to absurd levels in 2018, but again we demonstrate that fraudsters have never been a reliable source of information.

Now, learn How Warren Buffett Helped an AI Algorithm To Make $1 Billion on General Electric Collapse

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