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Official McAfee, Ari David Paul, Tim Draper, Tom Lee, Mike Novogratz, A Pompliano, Ronnie Moas are among the most wanted criminals in the history of the cryptocurrencies markets. Individuals ready to scam everyone on social media while swearing before God, You and the Law they have always been very successful as investors.

Before starting compare the quality of our content proven to be unique in the history of the crypto markets with everything else in the industry.

Market Legend Live on Twitter

Hereby, you were informed that cryptocurrencies were going to melt to unprecedented levels by the most reliable source of information in the financial markets.

Cryptocurrencies and crypto stocks is a SCAM used by Deutsche Bank and other criminals posting on Twitter for money laundering.  Twitter has been helping criminals and scammers to thrive on social media, therefore we dumped Twitter and Facebook ahead of the crash informing investors in real-time unlike scammers.

Ronnie Moas Most Wanted Criminal in Cryptocurrencies markets

Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in Profits Selling Short the Bubble!

Most Wanted Criminals Listed on Twitter

Be aware of these criminals inflicting the largest losses ever seen to fools who believe in miracles!

list of most wanted criminals

be aware of Ari Pau @aridavidpaul

be aware of Tim Draper @timdraper

be aware of Tom Lee @fundstrat

be aware of Pompliano @Apompliano

AI Tech Fund Ultra Bearish Ethereum Calls Crypto Currency Meltdown

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