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Did you know this human aberration called Warren Buffett paid $300,000 for a haircut, while complaining about Rivian and Tesla valuation? Are you surprised for Rivian shares soaring over 50% on IPO? The legendary team at autonomous trading made the calls.

We invited the human aberration Warren Buffett to the party.

We surely never had so much fun and profits investing in the markets. Listen to the best live podcasts on Wall Street - Warren Buffett Buys a Rivian for His Daughter After Trying GM and Tesla

Today's session brings you a billionaire and investment legend, Warren Buffett and Alex Vieira, a taxi driver in New York City.

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The Taxi Driver

It surely will be an exciting talk and journey. But, first things first, we are going to talk about the recent Rivian IPO. In today's session, Rivian's share price hit $152, soaring 50% within 72 hours; that's more than any bank will give you for the next 300 years.

Mr. Warren Buffett, how do you see these events?

Did you know this human aberration called Warren Buffett paid $300,000 for a haircut, while complaining about Rivian and Tesla valuation?

Warren Buffett: I thought that I knew a bit about investing, but as I walk down to the cemetery, a voice tells me, you know nothing.

Then let's ask the taxi driver.

Alex: I am with Warren; my wife massacred my mind to order a Rivian if I want to eat tonight.

Warren Buffett: Do you see? My daughter wanted a Tesla. They all suffer from the same disease.

What do you mean, Mr. Buffett?

Warren Buffett: Take a look at GM. Affordable, good-looking, and exquisite. What else would a driver aspire?

Have you heard about Alex? He is the only taxi driver in New York City on a Tesla, and soon his wife will be driving a Rivian on the weekends.

Alex: Fortunately, I can afford both as I am making lots of money.

Warren Buffett: How?

Alex: I invested in Tesla, so the car came out free of charge. Same about Rivian, it's all free within 24 hours.

Warren Buffett: Damn, I never thought about it!

Alex: Really? I have been talking about it since Tesla's IPO on my Blog.

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Warren Buffett: Why don't you buy a GM?

Alex: My wife is Russian, beautiful. I don't want to lose her.

Warren Buffett: That, I can understand; now that you talk about it, my oracle mind starts seeing things differently.

Give it a try, Mr. Buffett; it's never late for a party. You seem pretty well for your age.

Warren Buffett: Thank you. I own it to Peloton.

Alex: Excuse me? The broken bike? Now, it makes perfect sense.

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Warren Buffett: I have to go to Wall Street; how much for a Tesla ride?

Alex: $200 for you, Sir, cheap change.

Warren Buffett: I prefer my Peloton on wheels.

Alex: No hard feelings. If you ever change your mind, find me tonight at Jean-Georges. I invite you for dinner.

Warren Buffett: I've never heard of the name. I am going out to McDonald's. They pay a dividend next month.

All right then, Mr. Buffett, see you. I am taking the taxi to Jean-Georges.

Alex: Do you see Warren? They all come to papa. Bye.

Warren Buffett: Are you sure about Rivian $152?

Alex: It's on the Bible, Sir

Warren Buffett: Damn, I am pulling my hair out tonight. Let's go together. I am buying one for my daughter.

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Alex: That's my man, we are now a big wealthy and healthy American family.

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