Warren Buffett Dumping Apple Stock Share Price to Crash

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Listen to what we are saying and you will comprehend why Apple is now headed to a crash with our subscribers heading to more than $2 billion in profits. Warren Buffett started selling Apple to you!

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Apple share price crashed to $172 during Thanksgiving - the best since 1929. Autonomous AI Vision Fund sold Apple shares downgrading to Strong Sell.

We comprehend that according to the Oracle the Dow is headed to 1,000,000 and Apple to $20,000, but in most countries the word Oracle is synonymous of scam. We also comprehend that's not the case in the U.S because this is the only country in the world where they claim to see UFO's day and night.

Truth shall be said that in the end everyone agrees with our legitimate forecasts because our work is unique in the history of the financial markets. The only alternative is to join us as Goldman Sachs announced.

Goldman Sachs downgrades Apple everyone is making millions of dollars except scammers

Apple investors are laughing at the Wall Street Oracle forecasts.

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