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Subscribers to Autonomous Trading BOT 1 profits increased 1,858% compared to the same period last year, while AI Trading BOT5+ profits increased 5,432%. This article includes official data from a BOT 1 subscriber who made $237,000 within 30 days.

Trading BOT 1 $237,000 Profit Within 30 Days!

Herein, you have an example of a subscriber having an account in Interactive Brokers (IB) making $27,000 daily, for a total amount of $237,000 in the past thirty days.


Trading BOT 5+ Profits Increase 5,437%

Recently, we discussed in this article the average profit for all subscribers including those who are not trading increased 730%.  Herein, we discuss those who really matter for official statistics - people actually involved in trading following the instructions - have seen their profits increasing 5,437%.

Learn more how an ignorant without any experience trading in the markets can make $255,000 in just four months.

Below you find one review from a subscriber to AI Cryptocurrencies and Autonomous AI Vision

Best Traders' Reviews 

Dmitry, one of Intuitive Code team members is getting retired at a age of 27 years to enjoy the rest of his life. We all wish him the best.  Alex
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