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During this weekend celebrations serving the best roasted pigs, I conducted an official survey about the upcoming U.S elections. The results are not surprising.

Four months ago, I announced that Donald Trump was going to lose the U.S elections, therefore, I am interested in knowing how people intend to change destiny.

Why Are You Voting?

I challenge you calling fifty Americans asking them why are they voting.  They will tell you about the need to participate in the future of the country. I remind the fact these damn fools said the same four years ago creating the biggest mess since the Second World War.

Why are you voting if elections results are known? I mean, Donald Trump lost the elections, so why are you voting? Do you truly believe your vote counts for something? If your vote value is null why do you believe to be of great value to society?

Don't get me wrong, I don't even know the other candidate. I am just asking a damn simple question.

In the end, you get to the conclusion that you are wasting your time trying to comprehend idiots and roasted pigs whose main interest is to create historical disorder.  

Rule Number 1: You Are Worthless

There will be always roasted pigs believing in miracles and that they can change the future. They live the American dream, but are bankrupt since inception.

Most Important Investment Rule to Succeed in the Markets
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Rule Number 2: You Are Worthless

No matter what you do you will continue being worthless to the society. You cannot trick mathematics.

Alex Vieira in Tribute to Perelman Fields Medal Triggers Tech Sector Crash Selling Stocks at Market Top
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Rule Number 3: You Die Worthless

I will always do the opposite of what you do because you are worthless and you will die worthless. It is in the bible.

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The visionary investor explains why you must buy Apple shares to make billions in the markets during the pandemic economy. Follow his free advise to make billions in the markets. He has never missed a call on Apple. We include Apple price target.

More than 87% of the American population believed in Cryptocurrencies, i.e. you had 87% of people with an IQ below 6 telling you that cryptocurrencies was the way to go.

Never trust an American pig, your account, spirit and life will end that same minute.
Crypto Stocks RIOT Blockchain to Crash to Single Digits
I am informing those interested in investing in the crypto markets, cryptocurrencies and crypto stocks that you are going to see the worst crash ever! Use this guide to make your first one million dollars.
Cryptocurrencies Meltdown is Coming American Pig!

Hopefully, in your last minutes you will comprehend what I mean.

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