Alex Vieira Autonomous AI automated trading since 1989

I am informing those interested in investing in the crypto markets, cryptocurrencies and crypto stocks that you are going to see the worst crash ever!

Use this guide to make your first one million dollars.

Firstly, and foremost, this is not a forecast or prediction, it is an event where the final outcome is known since the beginning

Hence, today Intuitive Code AI is informing investors in these sectors about the best stock to sell short today aiming at single digit price target.

Best Opportunity for Short-Sellers since the bubble - RIOT Blockchain.

The first question you might ask is what's RIOT, being the second why RIOT stock is going to crash down to single digits.

Responding to the first question RIOT is a formidable financial vehicle utilized by market professionals to generate consistent high profits by selling short a worthless financial asset.
With regards to the second question, a history shows that a worthless financial asset is always going back to the initial price when the speculative phase started.

Market Legend Selling Short Bitcoin Stocks by IntuitiveCode on


Learn the difference between value investing versus speculation.

While I am suggesting that one should open a large short position in RIOT Blockchain as a pure speculative financial instrument, I am also suggesting at the same time that professional investors should focus on value investing instead of gambling in the financial markets.

Invest in Netflix and Amazon - value investing!

Amazon is the best tech company in the world. I dedicated a great amount of time coaching investors throughout the years explaining why Amazon one day might become bigger than Apple. I started investing in Amazon at $7 having at that time the highest price target in the world.

Netflix is a hyper-growth investing opportunity and one day might represent a monopoly since Netflix does not really have competition thus far. I started investing in Netflix since single digits.


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