Alex Vieira Autonomous AI automated trading since 1989

Thousands of investors guarantee that if you follow this simple rule to invest in the markets not only you will  avoid losing everything as you will get far more than you ever expected. Learn and execute! It's simple!

The good thing is that this rule applies to any financial asset, stocks, ETF's, cryptocurrencies, Forex, oil.

Rule Number One for Investors

This is the most important rule to be successful in the markets. Before assuming a position, you have to check whether you are doing it accordingly.

Do Not Ever Fight the FED and Alex Vieira.

So to speak, you end up with two options.

  1. Follow them
  2. Go bankrupt

I chose the former, but you are welcome if you wish to try the second.

Hertz Named Best Selling Short in the U.S Stock Market is Bankrupt
Intuitive Code named Hertz the best selling short opportunity in the U.S stock market including it in the Federal’s Reserve FREE portfolio for investors to make millions of dollars with no risk.
Follow Alex Vieira and the FED on Hertz
Intuitive Code Genius CEO Warns Shopify Bears! Shares EXPLODE! - Algorithm AI Trading Financial Live News
Listen to the legend Elena! She knows it all before the news come out raising targets!
Shopify best companies to invest in Strong Buy

I am going to give you another example - among thousands since 1989

Fed Powell and Alex Vieira New Investment Era

We have been around 1989 demonstrating live on the tape through more than 65,000 case studies what no one else can do in this industry. Everyone following us while executing is rich!

Autonomous A.I Trading Twilio is Best Stock to Invest in 2020 by autonomoustrading on

Do you find it complicated? It's not. Press the key and the money flows into your account at ludicrous speed.

Disregard the useless opinion of others. It will save your life, pocket, and mind. Those who tried to fight the inevitable, failed.
Twilio Investor A. I Conference Gives $7 Million to Traders
Listen to Intuitive Code Twilio Investor A.I conference teaching how to profit from Twilio including free A.I trade signals. Twilio is backed up by the Federal Reserve and legendary investor since IPO guaranteeing 9,000% profit to long-term investors.
Press a KEY and become rich

Finally, I invite you to learn how to become rich using FED bailout program. As you will see it - WYSIWYG - has been working all the time.

Alex Vieira Teaches How to Become Rich on FED Bailout Warren Buffett Program
I upgraded shares of RH to Strong Buy at $88 as I did on Apple at $217 and many others for reasons addressed on the Blog. I made available these forecasts after making it public the markets were going to crash.
FED bailout program

People Getting Rich for Free!!

Follow the legends Alex Vieira and Jerome Powell. It's free!

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