Artificially Intelligent Algorithms since 1989

Users who migrated into the new AI trading platform have seen their profits increasing 730% compared to one year ago. These results surpass our best expectations. Goldman Sachs is paying us more than $100 million per year

The only thing which is common to both versions is the name, everything else is different.

As examples, the new BOT O and BOT 1 for small investors is 100% different compared to the previous version. Therefore, its prices are also different reflecting the dramatic difference in value.

Let me give an example based on facts. For a subscriber to the previous version of BOT 1 would be very difficult to profit from Nvidia (NVDA) recent crash. This is no longer the case in the new version.

Furthermore, the 730% profit increase AVERAGE is taken from the best and worst subscribers.

  • the best reporting an increase of 2,300% profit
  • the worst reporting an increase of 23% or no increase

The lack of performance is explained by

  • no use of the platform;
  • no trading or investing;
  • no follow-up clear and concise instructions.

World's Best Traders' Review in Wall Street

Affordable, Clear & Concise

The most important about the new platform is not the potential profit, but as the smallest investors in thew world report its extraordinary affordability, clarity, simplicity and objectivity.

As a subscriber to any plan you learn more in days than in one year on your own. Furthermore, you stop losing money.

Let me give other example. I have been sharing information in the Forex markets with a small investor. This person was used to lose money all the time trading in the Forex markets. The situation changed 180 degrees. I will invite him for an interview soon.

On the contrary, those using Wall Street free and paid advise are today bankrupt, a scenario that has been repeating for decades, but Wall Street sales machine continues delivering astonishing results aiming at the best suckers in the world sucked into their game.  

Learn how Goldman Sachs is paying us more than $50 million dollars per year

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