LivePerson Investors Sold Shares Downgrading to Strong Sell Profiting from Market Crash

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Famous LivePerson bull investor changed his opinion on the prospects of the American company urging investors to sell shares while downgrading to Strong Sell forecasting a stock market crash.  Intuitive Code demonstrates why has been the de facto standard in the markets for decades.

Famous LivePerson Investor Forecasts Crash

Autonomous AI Vision fund sold its stake in LivePerson (LPSN) at a price of $27 downgrading to Strong Sell.  The company had a Strong Buy rating on shares since $14.

The stock market is a bubble of dramatic proportions. We are recommending to sell everything going short ahead of the market to crash. The profits will be astonishing for those following our free guidance since we have never missed a forecast.

Biggest LivePerson Bull Sells Shares Downgrading to Strong Sell by IntuitiveCode on

LivePerson share price collapsed this week to $18 while Facebook crashed to $127 offering to savvy investors dramatic return on investment.

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Have you not got tired of scammers on the internet deceiving everyone else? Here, the only viable alternative to investors is to sell their assets at the very top while the frenetic crowd is buying on a frenzy ahead of the economic collapse.

Autonomous AI Vision Sells Facebook Forecasting Economic Collapse

Learn more about the social media stock bubble projecting a crash selling stocks at a market top. Facebook stock crashed this week to $127 losing 40% of its value within months while the crowd remained bullish losing all their money.

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