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Personally, I think it is worth reading this Blog, but today the opinion of one reader is well-noted.

The Autonomous Trading Blog contains hundreds of investment plans in the financial markets divided into stocks, ETF's, cryptocurrencies, commodities and emerging markets.

The universe of investing strategies and lessons it is free.

The majority of individuals and companies offering advise are either incompetent, fraudulent, lack talent, charge unbelievable fees and have no track record. In the past thirty years, I've never been involved in a scandal, no one has ever accused me of lack of talent, complained about fees, and much less lousy performance. The reason is that I am the only one proving it live on the tape, therefore before evidence, no one can make wrong claims

Vieira, investment advisor of the decade

I know. You do not know. I do not fail. You do fail.

Yeah, I know these kind of true statements scare the shit out of people whom somehow believe they are worth something in the investing community.

The fact is that for an algorithm whether you read my Blog or not it is useless since your opinion does not matter to an investor.

I started doing well the moment I stopped listening to investing gurus and professionals. As time passed, I figured out that more than 98% of them are actually scammers, regardless of whether they appear on the cover of magazines or TV.

Almost everything has a price. I can pay $500 to get 50,000 followers within days - a common practice in the United States, but strictly forbidden in my country.

Here's the naked thruth

In the financial markets you find the best scammers in the history.

I Always Refused to Open a Facebook account

What most people find complicated it is actually pretty simple. What most people do you should not ever consider doing. I am laughing hard now that Facebook scandal has finally hit the press. My question has been always the same:

Why are they talking now about Facebook if nothing has ever changed?

Have you ever considered making the right questions? Do you believe your personal data is safe with companies as Facebook?

There is great value in doing the right questions. Google algorithm knows it. Autonomous Trading algorithm knows it. Are you using it?

AI trade alert worth $50 billion dollars

The following might not be worth a lot to you, but it is certainly for Facebook as its market cap. lost $50 billion dollars since I bailed out.

I have people following me for years all over the world. One of them, a reader to this Blog, and long-term customer ended up making $3 million dollars selling short Facebook thus far.

How are you doing investing in Facebook, or ROKU stock bubble?

What will happen to Facebook share price now that AI Fund bailed out at $195 on Blowout Earnings?


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