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To explain the process of investing in Shopify in real-time since IPO has been a rewarding and valuable experience.

Perelman's algorithm initiated coverage of Shopify with a Strong Buy rating at a price of $19 having a price target of $153.

I am not familiar with anyone else in the world buying Shopify stock at $19 selling it at $153 except my team and members. The reason is rather simple.

every single market participant and investor in Shopify is wrong since IPO

If you wish to learn about a clear investment plan including stock rating, price target, full instructions you have the example of ROKU for your own benefit.

Mathematically speaking buying Shopify at $19 corresponds to the similar investment opportunity as I had the pleasure of addressing quadrupling an existing long-term investment in Amazon at $200 a few years ago.

Investing in Shopify from $19 to $153

The investing process is fully documented for subscribers to my AI BOT program. Herein, I exhibit the real-time investing chart on Shopify (SHOP).

Intuitive Code also addressed the importance of investing in Shopify on this article.

You will not see anyone else in the industry making perfect investing call since IPO. This is a mathematical fact which you should consider as a potential investor in the financial markets.

Autonomous Trading AI Algo Investing in Shopify from $19 to $153 by IntuitiveCode on


My contribute to Shopify, investors and the society.

I am certain you are familiar with Autonomous Trading Shopify website. It has had a meaning since inception. My best advise for those new to the markets is rather simple.

Everything else you see on the web telling you how to invest in the markets is a scam.

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