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Before the news hit the wire Tesla investors have to be prepared for the worst and best case scenarios. Since I know about the news before they go public I made available full instructions for Tesla investors addressing everything you need to know going forward.

Best Insight Investing in Tesla You'll Ever Get!

As a Tesla investor you can certainly subscribe to AI TESLA BOT, but you don't have too. During the next 15 minutes I tell everything Tesla investors need to know addressing Elon Musk tweet on taking Tesla private which I had the pleasure of explaining here, to the worst case scenario, including our view.

It is upon to the investor to rely on the most credible sources of information in the markets instead of fake news and crooks inflicting huge losses on investors. Fortunately, I solve all these matters precisely at the right time steeping in the most difficult moments when everyone else has questions. Believe me, it's extraordinarily simple. Vieira

You can watch the following video here as well

ACT! Everything Has Been Carefully Planned in Advance

Do not react as everyone else to the news. Know about everything ahead of the competition! I make the announcements in real-time when I have to make them. If the investor does not listen to it is entirely his concern.

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