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Wall Street credibility is at the lowest level ever thanks to Goldman Sachs whose research team has accomplished something unique in markets history, ten consecutive quarters wrong about Tesla.

Goldman Sachs who? You are bankrupt! - marketing and fake news ahead of earnings deceiving Americans only.

Montana Skeptic a well-known zombie whose main job has been publishing bullshit on SeekingAlpha for years aimed at American ignorants is gone - it seems rather bullish for Tesla.

Consecutive Warnings About Goldman Sachs

We have been issuing consecutive warnings about Goldman Sachs price targets, stock ratings and trading strategies. Nothing works at Goldman Sachs - more importantly - it has never worked.

Recently, Netflix plunged almost $100 per share after Goldman Sachs raised its price target, today Tesla soared after-hours to $335 on Goldman Sachs downgrade to $195. Keep blowing up your money in Wall Street solid advise. Montana Skeptic con artist might join Goldman's team after losing his job on Twitter.

Tesla Bears Lose Everything Believing in Goldman Sachs Tesla Price Target

Invest in Tesla as a member of the most influential Tesla investors' club worldwide using artificial intelligence, AI TESLA BOT, the most accurate algorithms specifically designed for Tesla stock trading.

Netflix Bulls Crushed Fooled by Goldman Sachs Price Target.

It's really a problem when an investor believes in free lunches! We dumped our long-term investment position in Netflix at $420 reversing to the short side.

Goldman Sachs investment track record is similar to Jim Cramer on CNBC, nothing has ever worked. Vieira
AI Algorithm Live Forecast Netflix and Twitter Crash. Apple New Highs!

The content of the video is rather explicit even for those working at Goldman Sachs. Quit your job! Start your own company. It's God's will to have a clean conscience helping others which has never been a goal at Goldman Sachs.

Perelman AI Algorithm Trade Signal Crashes Twitter Share Price

How to Invest in Tesla Going Forward?

Instructions for Tesla investors are available as VOD - video on demand,  included free of charge in AI TESLA BOT subscription. The content answers to Tesla bulls and bear major questions.

UPDATE: More interviews coming! Stay tuned!

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