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Autonomous Trading, a division of Intuitive Code, acquired a large stake in Yelp after liquidating its position in Twitter stock bubble at $46. Learn about the best social media stocks to buy.

Yelp - best social media stocks to buy

The crowd has been focused on social media bubble stocks trading at exuberant valuations compared to small cap companies as Yelp.

Intuitive Code has a long history investing in Yelp which goes back to its IPO. The company upgraded shares of Yelp for the first time near $16.  

The most recent purchase was made at $37 ahead of Yelp earnings report.

Social media companies outlook

You can learn more about the outlook for social media companies on the Blog, or by subscribing to Autonomous Trading.

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Market Legend and Seer comments on Yelp

If you are bearish Yelp cover your short positions! It's going to fly since the American crowd has been buying the wrong stocks following the investment advise of Wall Street crooks losing money daily.

AI Trading Algorithm Sells Twitter Bubble Stock to Invest in Yelp

Yelp traders and investors should expect ROCKET PROFITS

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