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We upgraded Tesla to $137 ahead of earnings after betting on Tesla's share price crash, downgrading to Junk at $414. Our calls are available on the site and blog, including detailed technical explanations.

Tesla Short-Sellers Profit Soar to $22 Billion Live Today. Be Part of the Legend
Alex Vieira, who bet everything on the Tesla stock crash, sharing his vision with investors worldwide, commented about the ludicrous, stupid genius Elon Musk, the only one to blame for Tesla’s destruction, one of the most significant companies in history.
Tesla Short-Sellers Profit Soar to $22 Billion Live Today. Be Part of the Legend

Tesla Ahead of Earnings

Elon Musk is one of the greatest entrepreneurs of the last century. This person has extraordinary capabilities. As a result, we adjusted Tesla's price target to $137, taking advantage of recent oversold technical conditions created by the American retail crowd collapse.

Blackrock expects Elon Musk to return soon, which may open a window for further adjustments, according to sources in Wall Street familiar with the matter.

We aim to accurately predict the price evolution of different assets like stocks, forex, commodities, and ETFs using algorithms and our expertise in numerous fields. Intuitive Code AI algorithms deliver up to 100% accurate real-time trading signals and highly accurate analytics for professional investors to outperform in the financial markets. Our expert insights include easy-to-use real-time visual instructions with market impact. Unlike others, our unmatched public record goes back to 1989, discussing how to invest successfully in leading companies since IPO.


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