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Revolve Group turned into one of the best stock performers on the exchange soaring to $52 in 2021 after AI Vision upgraded shares to Strong Buy in 2020 at $8.5.  

In 2019, we downgraded Revolve Group (RVLV) to Junk at $51 forecasting a crash informing investors.

Autonomous AI Trading Downgrades Citron Research Buy Revolve Group Forecasting Crash
Revolve Group has been downgraded to JUNK as its share price rallied to $48 on its IPO first days in June. Alex Vieira, Autonomous AI Trading CEO, and Intuitive Code VP urged investors to buy Shopify instead.
Revolve Group Stock News

In 2020, Revolve Group share price melted to single digits seeing Americans capitulating and downgrading shares, when AI Vision steeped in covering short positions upgrading to Strong Buy together with over 100 leading companies such as Pinterest and Snap Inc.

In 2021, Revolve Group (RVLV) soared above $52 on today's market session.

Alex Vieira Live on Revolve Group
How Pinterest Can Help Your Business Growth 500% During the Pandemic
A.I Vision turned bullish social media stocks urging investors to buy the most since IPO. Business Growth is a stage where the business reaches the point for expansion and seeks additional options to generate more profit. A.I is the biggest revolution in human history.
Invest in Pinterest
Revolve Group was a company no one wanted to invest in poised for tremendous growth and upside. Alex Vieira
Legendary Snapchat Investor Cannot Stop Laughing at Stupid Americans
The legendary Snapchat investor Alex Vieira who upgraded shares to Strong-Buy at $5 in 2018 when Americans were dumping stock en masse cannot stop laughing. Learn how to make $100 million investing in Snapchat in 2020-2021
Invest in Snap Inc

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