Perelman's AI Trading Algorithm Crashes Gilead Sciences, Micron and Snapchat

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In this article Autonomous Trading shows in real-time the enormous value of using Perelman artificially intelligent trading algorithm in the financial markets to accurately predict Gilead Sciences, Snapchat, and Micron share price top and earnings crash.

Artificial Intelligent AI Trading Algorithm Perelman light years ahead of competitors.

As we had the opportunity to discuss in this Blog, Autonomous Trading artificially intelligent algorithms are light years ahead of any competitor.

Autonomous Trading sold its Gilead Sciences stake with a multi-billion profit on live stream at $89 downgrading to Strong Sell, while offering a free investment lesson to biotech investors.



Google’s Sergey Brin AI is Limitless! Watch Micron Shares Collapse!

Before proceeding you might be interested in referring to this article available on Autonomous Trading Blog telling investors the truth about Wall Street action on Micron Ahead of earnings, and dumping Intel (INTC) shares on blowout earnings report.


Perelman AI Algorithm Selling Snap Inc at a top ahead of crash

The mathematical principles used by Perelman's artificially intelligent trading algorithm on Gilead Sciences were amply discussed here in real-time on Snapchat (SNAP). Snap Inc. share price crashed since then.


I am very pleased to see Snap Inc. shares melting today to $11.5 on the exchange. Instead of $63,000 net profit per hour, AI turned it into $351,800 per hour. Vieira