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I am very happy to see Intel shares soaring after its earnings report. As a long-term investor I now am dumping on retail investors at new all-time highs as we reported here live on Micron ahead of the collapse.

I am have been a long-term investor in Intel and Micron

But as the American retail investor jumps into stocks at new all time-highs, *we are dumping on them in real-time the largest investment positions ever in the markets.

For years I have been warning serious investors about this stupid bearish crowd selling short their own country talking about stock market crashes, but now see them buying at new all-time highs turning bullish. Einstein principles have been working for more than one hundred years!



Start Selling Today!

This is dramatically simple indeed!

If we have been making a fortune selling short Micron I was not going to hold onto Intel. Start using your brain today, or hire an AI BOT!

Get 100% accurate trade alerts on AI BOT investing in companies as Micron. It's truly Unbelievable!


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