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I am perfectly aware of the consecutive stock upgrades by investment firms ahead of Micron earnings report on the press, but the reality is a completely different story.

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For readers to this Blog, a couple of questions:

  1. Would be surprising to you to know that Wall Street is selling shares to you ahead of earnings?
  2. Would be surprising to you to know that you are the perfect bait for Wall Street?


Micron share price plunged after earnings report

Quite frankly, it was not very important to know what the company was going to report. What's really important is to know what to do ahead of earnings and after the company reported earnings to continue profiting from a long-term investment since my upgraded to Strong Buy at single-digits.

  • Am I happy that Micron share price plunged after the company reported earnings?
  • Should I buy more on weakness?
  • I bought at $63 on your downgrade. I am truly stupid for believing in analysts! What should I do now Alex?


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