iPad Pro Bends Like Paper! Lowest Apple Quality Ever! Apple Insiders Double Short Positions!

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Continue investing in the stock market believing in the Oracle of Wall Street, one of the greatest illusions ever, but don't complain if you lose all your money trusting scams! Apple insiders are bearish!

I Not Buying the iPad Pro Unless it is FREE!

Before wasting your money in useless crap start using your brain and wallet to profit from the biggest bubble in the stock market ever!

Thereafter, you can afford buying one million iPad's for free as stocks crash while idiots kept holding the bag.

Every day there is an American IDIOT calling a bottom in the stock market

Apple savvy investors having their best year!

We're before a horrendous stock bubble of dramatic proportions. Moreover, the greedy bastards are selling to people the lowest quality ever! Even Apple insiders are bearish!

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