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Intuitive Code raised Tesla price target to Street High on Alex's Vieira forecast Tesla cheaper than Apple.

Tesla Legend Alex Vieira Sees Stock Cheaper than Apple
We’ve been explaining that only outrageously stupid people have not invested in Tesla yet after we published more than one hundred calls in the past few months referring to the most extraordinary and affordable stock in the world.
Tesla is Cheaper than Apple

Tesla soared to $493 during market hours session

Tesla is not a stock for idiots. If you did not invest in Tesla you're an idiot. Alex

Tesla to $500 on Alex Vieira Forecast Tesla Cheaper than Apple by autonomoustrading on

Tesla Soars to $460 After Alex Vieira Exposes Cowen’s Fraud on Bloomberg
Tesla share price continued soaring more $100 per share to $460 after Alex Vieira urged investors to buy more shares raising Tesla price target exposing Cowen’s fraud analysis.
Wall Street is a fraud
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