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We've been explaining that only outrageously stupid people have not invested in Tesla yet after we published more than one hundred calls in the past few months referring to the most extraordinary and affordable stock in the world.

Tesla is not a stock for idiots. If you did not invest in Tesla you're an idiot.

1 Billion Chinese and Xi Dream With a Tesla

The demand for Tesla is EXPONENTIAL! The world is lining up to buy!

1 Billion Chinese and Xi Dream with a Tesla by autonomoustrading on

Elon Musk’s IQ is Higher Than Steve Jobs and Warren Buffett Combined.
Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk made a series of bold predictions about the ability for his company’s cars to completely drive themselves. Musk thinks it will happen sooner than most of his competitors. We take an unbiased approach telling investors which is Musk’s most important bold prediction.
Idiots fail to comprehend investing in Tesla

Tesla Legend Alex Vieira Always Ahead!

Today pre-market Tesla official press news confirmed Alex Vieira forecast.

Tesla competition is dead

Tesla soared to $453 during market session after the legend disclosed what's ahead for earnings increasing his price target.

Tesla investors enjoy hypersonic profits, scammers are bankrupt
Tesla Legend Discusses Coming Earnings Report
Learn what really matters for Tesla investors. Alex Vieira enumerates the key factors for Tesla share price to continue outperforming including key stock pivots, investment chart, and target price.
Tesla legend always ahead of the game
Disregard scammers and invest in Tesla. Everyone is today a millionaire.
Tesla upgraded to Strong Buy

Alex Vieira Add to Tesla Seeing Stock Cheaper than Apple by autonomoustrading on

Learn more about historical market predictions

Intuitive Code Historical Market Prediction Chipotle Reaches $870 - Autonomous AI Trading
Chipotle named number one stock to invest in 2019 in Alex’s free course on how to invest has finally reached $870 rallying more than $540 per share since the initial upgrade. Intuitive Code referred to Chipotle as ABSURDLY UNDERVALUED
Historical Market Predictions

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