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The recent surge in stocks exposed nose-bleed valuations for some US based companied offering an opportunity for mid to long-term investors to capitalize on the inevitable correction by as much as 40%.

Exuberance & Nose-Bleed Valuations.

Whenever the crowd starts chasing momentum created by irresponsible investment firms it turns out to be the right time to sell assuming a contrarian position.

Just take a look at what did happen to former Wall Street darling Micron (MU) and Twitter (TWTR), both amply and accurately discussed in this Blog.

Having said this, we have great news! I assumed short positions in two companies in the U.S stock market. In the short-term its share price might continue moving  higher, but mid to long-term the outlook is rather different.

It is strongly suggested to stop listening to Wall Street analysts. Not only, they will never give you a profit as they will likely help you going bankrupt. Take the recent example of Tesla downgraded by Citigroup after seeing its share price plunging to $264. The following session Tesla share price surged to $314.

Our choice is clear here - we prefer short-term "pain" looking at mid to long-term huge gains. But, the correction can hit anytime, therefore I am in!

Two Marvelous Stock Picks for Short-Sellers!

Recently, Nikolay referred to the existence of a stock bubble alerting you for vast profits ahead. Those purchasing my VODs, have been making a killing. Read some reviews here.  

This time around the outcome will unlikely be different, but the path to the end result might very well be. Anyway if you are interested in knowing more about some of the best selling short opportunities in the stock market,

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