Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to Outperform in the Stock Market

I am the creator of an autonomous AI algorithm, the only one in tech history and the same I've been using to invest in the capital markets sharing its insight with other investors while teaching them how to succeed.

I started working with algorithms decades ago during my Masters' in the UK. You have the story on YouTube for Members including a portfolio to make hundreds of millions of dollars Risk-Free.

I use this algorithm to invest in stocks, ETF's, Forex, Cryptocurrencies, gold and oil. I published over 65,000 case studies demonstrating 100% accuracy live on the tape proving mathematically that American people constitute a Universal Fraud.

An American is a fraud, a loser, and a well-educated scammer. Tell me what they are buying and selling and by doing the opposite I go to infinity. Alex Vieira.

Recently sold my stakes in the U.S stock market including the ETF ARK Innovation (ARKK) informing everyone about it before going short.

The first thing Americans did was trying to steal Perelman's work claiming it was their work - that's what you can expect from an American - a native fraudster.

I have been a long-term investor in the U.S  stocks but most of them soared to my targets. I remained invested in those stocks Americans hate which have still upside.

I’ve made a lot of trades. I’ve made a lot of mistakes. I’ve also made a lot of traders. I’ve made a lot of millionaires. I’ve helped to turn around the life of many. I ended up doing what no one else can do.

The key to being successful is not to use traditional concepts, techniques, or any trading indicators and systems that people claim have been fully tested. I ran millions of tests proving them all wrong, and the markets did my job doing the same.

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