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This story started a long time ago when over 300,000 stupid bearish Americans following a scammer on Twitter called Citron Research started selling short Wayfair when I had a Strong Buy rating. For those unfamiliar with Citron Research, it's an American company whose CEO is a terrorist.  

Well, the pigs got slaughtered losing all their money, but as native pigs and losers they decided to come back in 2020 spreading fake news about Wayfair using terrorist tactics.

Wayfair Review Stock Rallies 1000% since My Upgrade
I am very pleased that you became a multi-millionaire following my free investment advise instead of going bankrupt by following Andrew Left and Citron Research SCAM. Wayfair, my core investment, has seen its share price rallying 1000%
Invest in Wayfair

Bear in mind, the aim of an American is to defraud you using all means and available tools including social media. Last year they came up with a story that Wayfair was involved in children trafficking  posting videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Alex Vieira Selling Wayfair $160 Forecasting Horrible Market Crash 2020
The legendary investor is selling Wayfair near his price target $163 forecasting a horrible market crash going into 2020. Serious investors should go short the largest stake since the Great Depression. Stocks are not coming back!
Selling Wayfair Today

Social media companies did nothing. The media spread the fake news getting  paid for the job. Wall Street downgraded Wayfair, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley omnipresent - these two, do not miss a downgrade at a bottom, or an upgrade near a major top!

Before the facts, I turned bullish informing investors worldwide. But, not only I turned bullish, as I urged investors to buy massive amounts of shares, news that you find on the autonomous trading blog.

The Legend Who Called the Worst Market Crash Turned Bullish! Buy Wayfair!
The legendary investor who called the worst market crash in history has turned bullish recommending to buy the large amount of stock since the Great Depression. Americans are the most stupid investors ever! Best rally since 1929!
I am upgrading Wayfair to Strong Buy

Anyway, when the children traffic story came out, I expected Wall Street to be finally honest upgrading Wayfair especially since the company reported consecutive good earnings, but they remained bearish.

In the end, I called all tops, bottoms, and everything in between getting tired of making money. A very special thanks to 99% of the stupid American crowd who have never invested in Wayfair choosing to bet against their country.

Alex Vieira Buy More Wayfair and Twilio Shares Urging Ignorant Warren Buffett to Invest
Alex Vieira recommended buying more shares of Twilio and Wayfair trying to explain the advantages of doing so to human aberrations as Warren Buffett who continues underperforming in the market.
Buy Wayfair and Twilio

The True Story about Wayfair

As a subscriber to the New York Times I receive emails daily telling me stories about the attack to the Capitol and other dark stuff. It's really a horrible country, but a minority deserves that we help them to succeed.

The true story about Wayfair

Wayfair soared to $347 on this Friday. The American bearish pigs have been roasted in hell.

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